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Breeding at Aspenglow Morgan Horse Farm
The Broodmare Station at Aspenglow offers complete artificial insemination , both chilled and frozen, and embryo transfer facilities for both resident and transient mares.

Located at Aspenglow Horse Center, the Broodmare Station features:
- 3-5 acre turnouts
- individual turnouts
- nutritionist and veterinarian controlled diets
- on-site breeding lab
- on-site all equipment for breeding and embryo transfer
- cryo-preservation storage for frozen semen

Recipient mares are available for lease or purchase. Only mares that are both physically and reproductively sound can become recipients in the Aspenglow program. Also, all recipient mares have a Grade 1 uterus.
Embryos are available for purchase from select Aspenglow broodmares. Contact Aspenglow for more information.

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